The school occupies a very important place in the lives of children, adolescents and their parents. Pupils spend most of the day at school, constantly dealing with new teaching material and being members of a social community which they usually did not choose for themselves. This is not always easy. In addition, certain family circumstances or strokes of fate can hamper development, the soul suffers.

This is where school psychology can help. It is the psychological service of the European School Munich. As an expert in the behaviour and experience, thinking and learning of people, it supports all members of the school community from Kindergarten to Baccalaureate: Kindergarten children, pupils, parents and guardians, teaching and educational staff as well as the school and kindergarten administrators.

You are a student and would like to ...

  • simply have someone who listens calmly 
  • strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • resolve conflicts with peers, parents or teachers 
  • be able to say "No" more often 
  • cope better with stress and difficult feelings 
  • improve your communication ("How do I say it best?") 
  • reduce fears, for example of presentations or exams 
  • improve learning strategies, concentration or motivation 
  • get help and information about eating disorders, depression, bullying, stalking, (sexual) violence, discrimination (e.g. because of your sexual orientation) and much more 
  • help other pupils  

... then you are right with me! I will gladly advise you. 

You are worried about your child because he or she suddenly refuses school, gets worse grades, withdraws or seems unhappy, has no friends or because you see aggressive or fearful behaviour. You have questions about gifted/highly gifted children, partial performance or other disorders, about education or child and adolescent development, or you are in a difficult/crisis situation for your child (for example, illness, grief, separation or divorce). Or is your child new at school and would benefit from pupil tutors? I would be happy to advise you. 

Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School teachers can also confidentially contact School Psychology if there is cause for concern among pupils. 


School psychology promotes mental health, can counteract - and in the best case prevent - mental illness and helps to discover and develop one's own resources and abilities.

School psychology work primarily serves to clarify problems. If a suspected diagnosis is made, it establishes contacts with other external specialists, such as doctors or therapists. Crisis intervention, emergency psychological immediate measures, cooperation with clinics, practices, early intervention centres and the youth welfare office, behaviour modification, case management and coaching are also part of her work.

Furthermore, the School Psychology Department coordinates the tutoring programme "Schüler helfen Schülern" (Pupils help pupils) in cooperation with the counselling and support team, whose members regularly receive training and contribute to a positive school climate in the long term. If required, it develops age-appropriate group offers or workshops on the topic of mental health. She supports the school's prevention projects.

In Kindergarten and Primary School, the focus of school psychology is on the evaluation of school children. At Secondary School, the focus is on individual counselling and support for children and young people who are in difficulties or need help or who want to improve their academic, social or emotional situation.

The principles of school psychology are secrecy (statutory duty of confidentiality according to § 203 StGB), voluntariness, impartiality, free access, low threshold as well as respect for the pedagogical and educational responsibility of guardians and teachers.

In case of acute mental distress, please do not wait for an answer by mail, but contact the Heckscher Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on 089 9999-0 (24/7) or contact the telephone counselling service online or by calling 0800/111 0 111. For pupils, there is also the Nummer gegen Kummer (number against grief), where you can talk to your peers from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday: 116 111.


Contact form

Contact Form

Opening hours

Consultation hours for Secondary School pupils: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 13-14 o’clock (or by appointment) in room EUB 155.  

Telephone consultation hours for parents KG/GS/HS: 14-15 o'clock (please make an appointment using the contact form below) 

Emergency telephone list and links to self-help

  • Heckscher Clinic for Child and Youth Psychiatry:  089 9999-0 (24/7) 
  • From 18 years - Isar-Amperklinikum:  089 4562-0 (24/7) 
  • Number against sorrow for children/teenagers:  116 111 (Monday to Saturday 14-20 hrs) or online
  • Telephone counselling: 0800 111 0 111/ 0800 111 0 222 (24/7) 
  • Telephone counseling international