Admission Criteria of the ESM

In accordance with the Digest of Decisions of the European Schools (Chapter XII, Section A)*, pupils of the European School Munich (hereinafter referred to as "ESM") are divided into three categories and ranked accordingly in their priority admittance.

Category I pupils (entitled pupils)
Children of employees of the European Patent Office in Munich, of the EU, of teachers and of administrative and ancillary staff of the School. These children have to be admitted to the European School Munich and are exempt from school fees.

Category II pupils
Children covered by individual agreements or decisions, each entailing specific rights and obligations for the children concerned, particularly as regards school fees.

Category III pupils
Children who do not belong to Categories I and II. They will be admitted in accordance with a dedicated ESM admission policy approved by the Board of Governors of the European Schools at its meeting of 1, 2 and 3 December 2010 (document 2010-D-1310-en-4).

This policy was established foremost in view of the fact that the ESM is faced with a persisting overcrowding situation due to the substantial and steady increase of Category I pupils over the past years who must be admitted to the ESM.

It stipulates the following:

  • Siblings of present Category III pupils as well as pupils being transferred from other European Schools may be admitted in accordance with Chapter XII, C of the Digest of Decisions of the Board of Governors. 
  • Additional Category III pupils may be admitted following the official order of priority (Digest of Decisions, Chapter XII Section B) in order to reach a minimum number of pupils per class ranging between 7 (pedagogical minimum class size as stipulated in the Digest of Decisions of the Board of Governors, Chapter XIX Section A) and 9. 

The threshold of 9 pupils per class, above which Category III pupils are no longer eligible, has been set taking into account the specific situation of the combined classes in primary school.

Addition to the general admission criteria of the ESM regarding admission of children of Category III in the Kindergarten:
Please note that the maximum number of pupils per class has always been reached in the kindergarten in the last years. Pupils of category III could be considered for admission only if any residual places would be available. Siblings of category III already enrolled in the ESM and transfers from other European Schools would have the priority.

The Director shall decide within the regular in-take procedure on pupil's enrolment taking into account the present enrolment policy and instructions issued by the Board of Governors.

Applications for enrolment of Category III pupils should be submitted no later than May 31 of the current school year for the next school year. 

* The Digest of Decisions can be found on the official website of the European Schools

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