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Book Lists Primary School



School year 2019/2020

Important information
Please note that all pupils should consult the list of books for language II.

Pupils in the Dutch, English, Italian and French sections should/can order their books through the joint order forms.

Pupils in the Greek language section will receive their books from the Greek Ministry of Education. These pupils only require the language II book list.

Please always check the latest updated version!

German language section

French language section

Spanish language section

Joint Orders


Language II

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Book lists Secondary School

#### School year 2019/2020 ####

Parents are requested to purchase textbooks and calculators for their children. Every Year, the book lists for the new school Year are made available on the website as of end of June.

IMPORTANT: If there is no information for certain subjects (e.g. Chemistry or Physic) this means that the teachers will provide students with the necessary learning material.

Each student has to consult at least two books lists: the list of the specific year in the corresponding "language section" and the list of the specific year in the corresponding category "vehicular language".

The category "vehicular language" includes books for grammar (language II, Language III, Language IV, Language V) as well as for the other subjects that are taught in different languages ​​(geography, history, ICT, art, music, etc. ) are listed.

For students without a language section the list "SWALS" must be considered in addition.

Please always refer to the most updated version!

Please use this web form only to inform the library coordinator about books out of print. For other requests please get in contact with the teacher at the beginning of the school year. Thank you.