Parents' Association

The Parents' Association (PA) represents the parents in the committees of the European School Munich and provides services and support for the students. It is organised as a voluntary non-profit association.


Committee work

Parents' wishes and ideas on organisational issues of the school are passed on to the Administrative Board, the Education Committee and the School Advisory Committee (SAC) via their elected representatives. The parents of all European Schools are also organised Europe-wide through Interparents and are also represented on the Board of Governors of the European Schools and on the Pedagogical and Reform Committees.



PA services are managed by volunteer board members and coordinated by the PA-ESM office staff.


The PA is responsible for setting up the school canteen service. In addition, the PA supports the goal of providing healthy and sustainable food in the school by working with the school administration, teachers and the Educational Committee. It employs the local catering company “Organic Garden”, which runs the canteens at the Fasangarten and Neuperlach sites and the cafeteria at the Neuperlach site.

The PA's decision to use a local, family-owned company with 100% certified organic food and a focus on fresh, seasonal and regionally grown food as well as fair trade products in the cafeteria supports ecological, socially sustainable and fair food production.

The Parents' Association organises a variety of extra-curricular activities and courses. Depending on the age and interests of the children and adolescents, different courses can be chosen in languages, music, sports, arts, as well as learning/homework help and other areas.

Most of the activities and courses take place on the school's premises, with the pupils staying at the respective location Fasangarten or Neuperlach. Individual courses, such as swimming or climbing, are also offered at other locations. No courses take place during the holidays. The after-school activities can be booked via the Parents' Association website.

After school care for children in the Kindergarten and Primary School is organised by the Parents' Association. The childcare services are provided by the external partner companies "RUF - Rund um Familie".

For further information on care times, school holiday offers, costs, concept, registration, contact and much more, please visit the website of the Parents' Association or the websites of RUF.

For the transport of ESM pupils, the Parents' Association works closely with the City of Munich and various transport companies. In addition to the school bus and public transport provided by the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG), the Parents' Association organises a shuttle bus service between the Fasangarten site and the European Patent Office or the Neuperlach site.

Information on the various transport services can be found on the Parents' Association website.