Under the terms of the Convention, the teaching staff is represented on the school's Administrative Board by two seconded teachers, one for Nursery and Primary Cycles and one for the Secondary Cycle. These representatives are elected annually and are also members of the Inter-Schools Staff Committee, which is made up of the elected representatives of seconded teachers from all European Schools.

The Staff Committee meets five times each year in Brussels, to prepare for the meetings of the Joint Teaching Committee and the Board of Governors. The Staff Committee (CdP) is represented in both the Joint Teaching Committee (with the right to vote) and the Budgetary Committee (without voting rights). It is also represented in many ad hoc working groups set up by the Board of Governors. It puts forward the views of the teaching staff, defends the interests of colleagues and keeps colleagues informed by means of an Information Bulletin, which has been published regularly since 1964. Together with the Staff Committee for the Administrative and Ancillary Staff (AAS) it designates one its number to represent the staff at the Board of Governors. The right to vote at the Board of Governors is restricted to pedagogical issues that have no financial consequences.