Cycling successes at the Vélomai

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The European School of Munich took part for the first time in the European Schools' cycling campaign "Vélomai", organised from 01-31 May 2021.

During this month, pupils could participate by registering daily all the kilometres travelled by bike and/or the number of bike rides during the duration of the challenge. The point is not to cycle particularly long distances, but to cycle regularly and frequently. But of course there is nothing wrong with many kilometres. The result of the European School Munich is quite respectable:

188 participants covered 26,905 km in 2929 rides. An impressive balance! Especially as the weather was not always particularly cycling-friendly. This means that the ESM has completed the most journeys and the most kilometres in comparison with all European Schools, and in the comparison of relative journeys per member of the institution as a whole, it comes in third place. In the intra-school ranking there is an interesting result: the younger years of the HS were the most active (s1-s3). But the upper years also have their share in the success of the ESM. It is also great to see the participation of some primary school children. The ESM thanks all participants very much.

Vélomai was founded in 2016. Besides the European Schools, many European institutions and agencies participate in Vélomai.