Fundraising activities at the end of the school year

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Towards the end of the school year, several fundraising events took place in the Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School of the European School Munich. These not only help the recipients in a very concrete way with money or other donations, they are also part of the pedagogical concept: by participating in fundraising activities, children and pupils learn to take care of their fellow human beings and to be part of a community.

In the Kindergarten, the children and parents collected money for the Münchner Tafel. Among other things, they planted seeds and grew seedlings and small plants from them, which could then find a new home in home gardens in return for a donation. The Tafel is a charity that provides free food to over 20,000 people in Munich every week. The Kindergarten has already collected food for the Tafel several times, a good continuity has been established.

The Primary School also collected diligently, but not money, but stamps. These often end up in the rubbish, although they still have value for many a collector. They are collected and donated to the Bethel Foundation, which has been creating and supporting jobs for disabled people with the sale of stamps since 1888.

At the Secondary School, the French-speaking class S1FRB started a donation-in-kind campaign for the Clemens Maria children's home in Putzbrunn. This is a curative educational institution in which about 150 children and young people between the ages of 3 and 20 live who find themselves in emergency situations. They are supported and psychologically cared for there and leisure activities take place together. The ESM students first got advice from Isabella Podkowa, the head of the ESM Outreach Programme, on how to organise a fundraising campaign. Then they called for donations of school utensils in good condition. A whole 10 tables full of crayons, pencil cases, notebooks, folders and all kinds of other useful items were collected. The student representatives, together with Mrs Podkowa and Mr Meyssignac, handed over the donations to the director of the Clemens Maria Children's Home Sabine Kotrel-Vogel at the end of June, who was very grateful because she could put the materials to very good use.

The European School Munich would like to thank everyone who took part in organising the various fundraising events, as well as all the donors for their generosity.

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