Sustainable projects of SWALS and the Italian Section

| News Grundschule

Sustainable development is a high goal of the European School Munich, which is why pupils deal with environmental topics in class and work on sustainable projects. In the Primary School at the Fasangarten site, two such projects took place this spring, among others.

The pupils of the international SWALS section (Students without a language section) made insect houses in spring, their parents also helped. They painted them and also decorated them with the flags of the different countries of origin of the pupils. Thanks to their work and the support of the caretaker team, there is now a real insect village at the Fasangarten. Wild bees, ladybirds and butterflies can now move in and nest in a Swedish, a Danish, a Czech, a Romanian or a Hungarian house next to a flower meadow, among others.

The Italian P4 class explored sustainable toys. They were inspired by the 94-year-old "Grandma Graziella", who told the schoolchildren in a guest lecture about a man who repaired toys in her childhood. The pupils now made their own toys from recycled materials: robots, marble runs, rides and planes, mazes, bowling alleys, table football, stuffed animals and board games. In this way, the children were able to learn in a playful way how to recycle used materials and have fun themselves in the process.