Munich, Bavaria and the world

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After the end of the lockdown, the English language section of the Kindergarten at the European School Munich started a project about local geography and culture. In other words, it was about where the children live today and where they or their parents come from. They learned how Munich was founded over a thousand years ago by monks. They learned that the city developed and became prosperous through a toll that was charged to the salt sellers when they crossed the bridge over the Isar. Afterwards, the Kindergarten group broadened their perspective and first learned about Bavaria, then Germany and how the country is part of Europe.

The Kindergarten children looked at the different countries and cultures represented in their group. The English language section and the whole ESM-Kindergarten are visited by children from all over the world. At the end of the project, the children came back to the starting point and celebrated a Bavarian Day. There was a mini Biergarten in the playground with benches and tables decorated with the blue and white Bavarian flag. Many Kindergarten children also came in traditional costume.  Of course, no beer was drunk. Instead, the children enjoyed white sausages and other sausages, fresh vegetables, huge Wiesn Brezn (Oktoberfest pretzels) and delicious strawberries. Last but not least, the beautiful weather made for a successful conclusion - that's what makes learning fun!