Polish Embassy honours student

| News Höhere Schule

Serdeczne gratulacje! Pupil Karolina Rogala from S3 of the European School Munich was awarded for her outstanding Polish language skills at the weekend. The award and the prize for her successful participation in the 17th "Olympiad of the Polish Language in Germany" ("Olimpiada Języka Polskiego w Niemczech") were ceremoniously presented at the Polish Consulate General in Munich. The pupil had reached the final in the age group of 12 to 18-year-olds.

Pupils who live in Germany and learn Polish can take part in the "Polish Language Olympics in Germany". This year's competition involved 120 pupils in two age groups. Due to the pandemic, preparation and implementation were more difficult this year, and oral examinations were also held online.

The school management of the European School Munich would like to congratulate their student on her success under these difficult conditions. The teachers are happy with her about the award, which also helped to achieve high-quality language teaching. The award is a positive signal to all pupils of the ESM: Diligence at school pays off! Pupils who would like to take part in the Polish Language Olympiad in Germany next year can contact their Polish teachers.

For more information on the Polish Language Olympiad in Germany, please visit the website of the Polish Embassy.