Pupils learn media competence

| News Grundschule

How do you stay safe on the internet? How do you use media properly? For the older Primary School children, questions like these are becoming more and more relevant as they are expected to use media more confidently over time. In May, the advisory and support team of the European School Munich organised media days for all fifth classes of the Primary School.

For this purpose, external experts from the media educational institution Studio im Netz e.V. were streamed into the classrooms. They were supported by tutors from class level S6 of the Secondary School, who had completed the "media scout training" of Studio im Netz especially for this purpose. Lectures and interactive workshops on the iPad dealt with topics such as cyberbullying, fake news and data protection. For example, the students were able to practise how to distinguish facts from fake news with a quiz. A big safecracker game formed the conclusion of the event and challenged what had been learned in a playful way. The feedback from the pupils showed that they were interested in what they were doing and were able to learn a lot at the media days.

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