BAC-ardi, 12 Jahre sind Rum

That fact that the students used a play on words for this year's slogan "BAC-ardi, nun sind 12 Jahre Rum" has probably filled quite a few language teachers with joy. At the graduation ceremony - held on the 6th July 2018 - the graduates were released into the "freedom" of life. This ceremony marks the end of school career in the European school system. Instrumentally accompanied by the Secondary School's Big Band, under the guidance of James Ready, the graduates marched festively into the sport's hall to take their seats.

Rudolph Ensing opened the ceremony with his welcoming speech. He congratulated the graduates on their remarkable performance, and, in view of the still ongoing refugee crisis, he also emphasised how important it is to be there for each other. He asked the graduates to commit themselves with positivity to a world "...where not everything revolves around ourselves, but where we try to enable other do the same things that are so important to us".Taking up the thoughts of the Head Master, Anton Hrovath, the Director of the Secondary School, called on personal responsibility and impulses for action that arise from passing the school leaving exams. "Let's not be weak. Let's decide. Let us not be divided. Let's unite. Let's not be afraid. Let's dare to do (something). Let's not wait and see. Let's act now", Anton Hrovath cited the French President Emmanuel Macron. Speeches then followed by: Alex Coenen, this year's President of the European Baccalaureate in Munich, Maria Castellanos, Representative of the European Patent Office and Jean-Luc Dupuis, representatives of the Parents' Association.

The interludes of the Secondary School concert choir's songs, under the guidance of Julie Plugge, and the tunes played by the Big Band and the orchestra added a musical touch and created a glorious atmosphere.

In all their years at the ESM, the graduates have learned how to treat others with respect and dignity. They have lived Europe in miniature.

Congratulations, the future is in your hands! Let the European idea live on and act together.

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