Mountains, Forest And Wilderness

Lush forests, enormous mountain ridges, small mountain lakes. The largest forest landscape in Central Europe - the "Bayerische Wald" - is a piece of wilderness in Southern Germany.

On the 15th June 2018, we left with a group of eight boys and eight girls of year 5 Secondary School for a hike in the "Bayerische Wald". After a thorough planning session and tasty BBQ in good weather, the students left on Saturday for their three-day-long final expedition of the silver level of the International Award. In groups of five or six, they had to walk through rough terrain, navigate with compass and maps and prepare meals, while carrying all equipment in hopefully not too heavy backpacks. They camped in tents on farmers' fields.

As far as injuries were concerned, we only had bad ankle twist on the first day requiring a quick visit to the hospital and sadly an early exit from the expedition. Otherwise, the students were very fast and skilled hikers, satisfying the external assessor that they fulfilled the various requirements and were very capable of passing the final expedition.

These expeditions are organised by a team of parents, passionate about nature and hiking. At school, four teachers take care of the other sections of the Duke of Edinburgh Award or International Award. The awards acknowledge the efforts of teenagers and young adults for completing a series of self-improvement exercises.