Donations for the Munich Tafel

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In the end, the mountain of noodles, tins, flour, sugar, coffee and many other foods is higher than most Kindergarten children are tall. Wide at the bottom, pointed at the top, the mountain of food even reminds one somewhat of a Christmas tree. Previously, the Kindergarten of the European School Munich had called for donations for the Münchner Tafel. Never before has so much food been collected as in the fourth year of this collection. The food collection not only helps those in need, whose situation has become even worse due to the Corona pandemic. It is also a very practical lesson for the children on the topic of sharing, which is a common theme in November lessons, such as the Saint Martin's Day celebration. By participating in such an action, the children learn to see themselves as part of a larger community and to take responsibility for others.

The Tafel is a non-profit organisation that provides food every week to over 20,000 people in Munich who could otherwise hardly afford to buy it.

The Münchner Tafel and its volunteers, as well as the European School Munich, would like to thank Lisa Melessaccio for organising the event and the donors for their continued support.

Information about the Münchner Tafel can be found on their Website.