Eco Club actions for World Food Day

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The United Nations World Food Day on 16 October fell on a Saturday this year. The Eco Club of the European School Munich therefore organised some activities on the following Monday at the secondary school to draw attention to the topic of sustainable nutrition.

The pupils had created two small exhibitions. In the first one, they explained the connection between eating habits and their CO2 consumption as well as alternatives to meat consumption. They compared the carbon footprint of different foods and presented the advantages and disadvantages of wheat and peas as a source of protein, mushroom mycelium and lab-grown meat. In the second exhibition they presented edible plants. Elderberry, ribwort or nasturtium can also be found in Munich parks.

Those who wanted to could try these plants themselves. The Eco Club had collected edible wild herbs and fried them with tempura batter in the playground. Many pupils enjoyed the delicious snack. Those who were a bit more experimental in terms of cuisine were allowed to have an unusual experience a few metres further on: There were edible insects to try, small grasshoppers in different flavours. Is this just a dare or the protein source of the future? In any case, this nibble met with great interest among the pupils. On posters, they were able to learn about the consumption of space, water and food compared to the nutrients of insects and various animals. The canteen was also involved in the activities for World Food Day. Although there were no insects to eat here, a chilli sin carne was served alongside other vegetarian dishes, in which the meat was replaced with soy granules. So on this day, everyone could see for themselves whether meat substitutes meet their taste.

In addition to these activities on Monday, there is a small exhibition of books and DVDs on the topic of nutrition in the library of the secondary school, which will be on display for the rest of the week. The European School Munich would like to thank all those involved for organising a wonderful theme day in the spirit of sustainable development. Sincere thanks also go to the school caterer Il Cielo, who incidentally cooks in organic quality every day and prefers to use regional products, for their friendly cooperation.

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