ESM pupils plant forest

| News Höhere Schule

During the excursion week before the autumn holidays, the S5 pupils at the European School Munich carried out a project in the spirit of sustainable development. After some classes had planted trees in the urban forest for the first time last school year and learned interesting information about the forest, all biology classes of S5 took part in the action this year. After instruction by the foresters of the city of Munich, the pupils set to work.

A total of 1420 trees were planted - that corresponds to about one tree per pupil at the Secondary School. Now a new forest is being created. But not all seedlings will survive the first years and it will take many decades before the trees are fully grown.

Depending on the tree species and age, a tree can absorb more or less CO2, on average about 10 kg per year. Calculated over the entire lifetime, between one and up to eight tonnes per tree can thus be bound. The average annual CO2 consumption in Germany is currently about 8 tonnes per person.

By planting trees and listening to the expert explanations of the Munich Forestry Commission, the pupils not only learn about biology in a very practical way, they also learn to see themselves as part of the environment. In addition, they make a contribution to sustainable development, which is not only a fundamental teaching objective at the European School Munich, but is also anchored in everyday school life through various projects.