Different Kind Of Spring Cleaning

Ensuring that some of the places and lawns within walking distance of the school were cleared of rubbish, was the achievement of year 1 students on the "Meet Munich Day", held on the 27th June 2018.

First, the young cleaners' sense of orientation was put to the test as they first had to find the right place with the help of a route description and a compass. Once there, the students were eager to pick up rubbish and were amazed at the amount of litter and what objects people just carelessly throw on the street.

"I found the many cigarette butts particularly disgusting", said one schoolgirl. Another student even pulled a car rim out of the creek ("Hachinger Bach"). Many students were so motivated that they continued to collect rubbish during the break instead of playing football. The young rubbish collector's diligence was also appreciated by many passers-by. Two elderly ladies were so enthusiastic that they immediately made a donation to the class fund.

All in all, a very successful environmental campaign thanks to motivated students.