Everyone Can Contribute

“Focusing on the principle of Equality and its meaning in relation to the structure of democratic values in the 21st century " had been the theme of this year's MunoM conference, which was held from 20th to 23rd November. 

The very impressive opening ceremony at the Hans-Seidel Foundation was followed by the sessions of the "UN General Assembly". What began with enthusiastic speeches at the opening session became clearly visible in the meetings" and debates, namely the themes of responsibility for life and, above all, of living together on this planet, whether in the socio-economic, political or environmental sphere. Like a red thread, the conference was about that it is down to each and every person and that everyone is able to make a difference. Motivating for all participants was the guest speaker Julia Leeb, a young journalist, who has set herself the goal to investigate by means of virtual reality journalism, and to tell stories from areas where nobody quite wants to travel to, i.e. Iraq, Libya, Congo, Afghanistan, North Korea, Yemen, etc. She particulary dedicates her work to the fate of women, not as people to be pitied, but to highlight their strengths. That was remarkable indeed!

The aim of this simulation game is to spark enthusiasm for current political issues in young people, to encourage them to conduct intense research and develop forceful arguments in order to use them convincingly in debates and to discuss passionately with the other participants. English is lingua franca in all discussions and negotiations. The structure of this conference is modelled closely to the real example in New York: participants are assigned one delegation of a UN member state per school.

This year’s MunoM conference ran very smoothly and yielded convincing and realistic resolutions so that the current Executive Staff Team is already looking forward to next year’s conference.

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