Children help children

Everyone can make a contribution. This is the lesson that teacher Panagiota Papakosta teaches her Greek class. For the second year in a row, her students collected money for the SOS Children's Villages in Greece. At the end of September she received a letter of thanks.

SOS Children's Villages is an association that supports children in need. It is active in 136 countries. There are 16 children's villages in Germany and four in Greece. There people take care of orphans and needy children.

Anne Katsouli from the SOS Children's Village Athens is particularly pleased in her letter to class S3 of the last school year 2018/19 that the class has, so to speak, "adopted" the Greek children. This is the second time that the students have donated their pocket money. Every week they brought a small amount with them. Two years ago, they raised 500 Euros. During the last school year they topped that amount and collected 800 Euros.

"Your humanitarian attitude and your appreciation of our work but above all your personal contribution are a valuable help for us", writes Anne Katsouli. The class was very pleased that the letter personally named all the pupils who contibuted. That motivates. Mrs Papakosta is proud of so much European solidarity in her class. She wants to continue the campaign in the new school year.

Further information about SOS Children's Villages Greece can be found here on their website.