Celebrating Art And Music

United in Diversity - this was the theme of the first "Festival of Art and Music of the European Schools" held in Frankfurt from the 28th February to 4th March 2018. About 240 students and teachers from all European Schools worked together both artistically and musically. This festival is now to be held every two years at one of the European Schools.

Prior to the festival, all European Schools worked diligently. In arts' lessons they prepare the large exhibition at the European Central Bank where students' works from all schools were presented for the first time and new festival songs were composed. The young musicians composed new festival songs that contributed to the atmosphere of the festival.

In numerous workshops, in which the students of the different schools worked together, songs were rehearsed and pictures were created. While the music students rehearsed for the concert, the art students explored museums and architecture of the city of Frankfurt. The evening events, meal meetings and accommodations offered additional opportunities get to know each other better and make friends outside.

The musical work focused on three large ensembles: choir, orchestra and big band, as well as smaller facultative ensembles: string orchestra, jazz combo, jazz singers, pop band, chamber choir and other constellations. Numerous musical genres were represented - ranging from classical music, rock, pop, folk music, jazz to film music and many more. In the field of art, the participants worked in the following workshops: drawing expressive portraits, fingerprints, calligraphy, collages, action painting, performance, traces and places, mixed media.

Many talented and highly motivated students had the opportunity to exchange ideas, work together artistically, explore new forms of music and help shape them. Much happened outside the regular rehearsals - a sign of true integration.

There was a large and phenomenal concert, an exhibition of the workshop works, a multidisciplinary and connecting performance and a party where everyone practiced together Irish dances and other ones.

The atmosphere throughout the entire event was simply unsurpassable; extremely cheerful, harmonious with constant spontaneous musical, drama and art performances - contributions that shone like stars - in which the students gave free rein to their creative power and their commitment without being asked and thus giving testimony of their high talents and skills.

This lightness and joie de vivre outshone the major feat of strength that the launch of this complex event required.

Happy Birthday FAMES - may you live and prosper!