Presentation of the BAC certificates

| News Höhere Schule

Cars gleam in the sun, decorated with flags. Again and again there are honking concerts, because on the stage in the drive-in cinema Aschheim the graduates receive their certificates. Due to the requirements for assemblies during the planning period, the proclamation took place in the drive-in cinema again this year. Last school year this was still a premiere. This time they are already more experienced.

On the big screen, the guests were welcomed with pictures from the motto week. A video of the acrobatics group followed, then the HS Junior Choir played the song "Breakaway". After the European anthem, there were digital greetings from Brussels. Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Budget and Administration of the European Commission and Giancarlo Marcheggiano, Secretary General of the European Schools, congratulated the students on passing the BAC by video message.

The speeches of the two directors were also enlarged by video. Anton Hrovath, Director of the ESM, praised in particular the pioneering work of the graduates in successfully breaking new ground in teaching during the pandemic. Martin Duggen, Director of the Secondary School, recalled the long way from Kindergarten or Primary School to the European Baccalaureate. This was followed by speeches by Maria Castellanos, representative of the European Patent Office, and Roberto Trimarchi, representative of the Parents' Association. For all of them it was the last opportunity to give the baccalaureates advice for their future life and to thank the many people who accompany and make possible a school career.

In between, the Higher School Orchestra played "La vita bella" via video on screen. After the ESM Concert Choir's contribution of "Wonderful life", the programme item that so many had been waiting for finally arrived: The presentation of the school-leaving certificates. There were about 180 graduates this year. It is tradition that smart dresses and suits are worn, the members of the Dutch section also wear sailor caps.

BAC coordinator Veronika Artelsmair then addressed the - now former - students. After her cue, they released balloons with their wishes for the future - "Up up and away ..." played. The message: Now it is up to the ESM graduates themselves to fulfil their wishes. The representatives of the language sections of the graduating class finally said goodbye on behalf of all. Thus, this year's proclamation once again became an event that will be remembered for a long time.

The European School Munich thanks all those involved in organising and carrying out the proclamation and wishes its graduates all the best for the future, that they remember their school days well and that they do not lose sight of each other.