Role Play: “We will rescue the world”

How can you save the world? It is a difficult question, which pupils of the Catholic religious class S7 discussed in a role play. Some took the roles of different prophets, others of representatives of different world religions, the president of the EU Commission and UN General Secretary, together with experts, each of which have presented their approach to resolve the current issues. The prophets shared their presentation with their classmates and discussed them via video chat during the Corona-time. Their teacher, Mr. Machek, moderated the interesting and profound discussions. 

In the Bible, prophets are messengers of God. They interpreted the present and warned people of coming disaster and called them to repent. The word prophet itself means “announcer” or “predictor”. The first challenge for the students was to identity and present the threats and controversial subjects that mankind is facing currently, while stressing the urgency for action. The topics that the class selected as particularly important where: Climate-Change, Egoism, False Elites, Mechanisation, Ignorance, Atomic War, Abortion and Euthanasia, Gender inequality, Virus infections, Nihilism and Pride. The last prophet addressed the perspectives and challenges that the s7 students face in the future when leaving European school. Each student demonstrated a strong ability to express mature thoughts on a high intellectual level – well done! 

From all the compelling discussions one short extract provides a good example: The prophet who predicted the role of a virus in the future. His message was that our societies most likely will have to adapt and learn how to live with health threatening viruses as they will not disappear in the long term. The main cause of the virus’ spreading was identified as the modernized and globalized world. The historian pointed out that viral infections in history have been much worse. The council members took a standpoint, calling the Covid-19 virus a ‘worldwide ongoing crisis’ and stressing the urgency of needed action. Meanwhile it should not be forgotten to tackle the other challenges mankind is facing. The members also recognized nihilism as being a problem in society that cannot be addressed on an international level; a contribution of the world religions as an old and still very important value-provider was needed.  

Lastly, a contribution about what the future could bring was presented, such as how safety measures could develop. It was also stressed how easily we take certain things for granted. An interesting consideration was that a new religiosity also seems possible. Through role-playing, the S7 pupils reminded each other to be realistic, to trust in their abilities and to be virtuous as they are about to take their place as responsible members of society after finishing school.