Spanish Theatre Festival

| News Grundschule

It was once in the week before the summer holidays. The Spanish language section of the Primary School of the European School Munich had invited: Finally, theatre again! And so, there was not just a single production, but a whole theatre festival. No less than five groups presented on stage what they had been diligently preparing for since February. "Y los cuentos salieron a escena" was the title: "And the fairy tales came on stage".

So now the time had come. After months of preparation, such an event had fortunately become possible after all due to low incidence levels and with special hygiene measures. Each grade had prepared a performance. The parents were waiting anxiously, the children were excited, everyone was happy that it could finally start.

The first class performed first: "Historias de ratones" - "Mouse Stories". The schoolchildren impersonated the little rodents in various stories, including the well-known fairy tale about the Pied Piper of Halem. "¡Papá, cuéntanos un cuento!" was the motto of the second-year class: "Papa, tell us a story!". Among other things, they told about the adventures of Garbancito. This is a child who is only as big as a pea, similar to the Little Thumbling in the German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Garbancito wears a red cap to make him easier to see. He is the main character of one of the most famous stories in Catalan folklore and is also called Patufet in Catalonia.

"¿Volamos?" asked the third class, "Shall we fly?" Their story was about Lucia, whose only dream is to be able to fly one day. The fourth class performed a production about "a very special birthday", "Un cumpleaños muy especial". It was about Carlota, who doesn't want a new toy for her birthday this time, but wants to be given stories. She wants to spend a nice evening together, telling stories, listening and laughing. Finally, the final class of P5 formed the end of the event with an open classroom in which they performed various exercises, improvisations and stories.

Of course, there was great applause for each and every performance. The fact that the children were able to share their work with their parents was the best reward at the end of this exhausting school year. It was a great and varied theatre festival with many fairy tales, stories, stories from different European countries, some very well-known others less so, and thus a celebration of diversity. The European School Munich would like to thank all those involved for the organisation and the fruitful work on the rehearsals with the children.