Why Doing Sports Is Great Fun

It has been proven that exercise not only increases the general well-being, but also releases happiness hormones. Like hardly any other season, summer offers countless opportunities for all kinds of sports.

The Sports Day is a full-day class team sports' competition, which was held on the 28th June 2018 and in which about 600 Secondary School pupils from the classes s1 - s4 participated. The classes competed against each other in the disciplines of football, dodgeball, crate relay, relay with hammering nails, special edition of tug of war and sack-jumping. They fought both for the victory in their age level (1st prize: 50 € for the class fund) as well as in the overall school level (1st prize: an additional day of hiking with a sports' focus).

The classes s1 ded, s2 deb and ded, s3 fra as well as s4 ita reached the highest score within their year level and became year winner. The class s3 fra scored highest in comparison to all year levels and was nominated the "sportiest school class of ESM in 2018". For the winners of this level, an experience-oriented and sports' day will be organised next school year.

Sport is a school subject that combines physical exercise with playful elements, developing the coordination and motor skills, as well as promoting social behaviour!

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Skirennen und Snowboardtag
Model European Council (MEC)
s1-s7: Elternsprechabend
s1-s4 Schülerparty
Theatervorstellung "Macbeth"
s1: Medienkompetenztage
s5-s7: Kinoabend
European Schools Science Symposium (ESSS)
s1-s4: Schülerparty
s1-s6: Jahrgangstreffen
International Award
Christi Himmelfahrt
Elternabend "Smarte Medienerziehung"
s7: Ausgabe der Vornoten
Latinum Europaeum
Schriftliches Abitur / Bac écrit
International Award Final Expedition
s6: Unterricht nach Stundenplan
s5: Berufspraktikum
HS-Schüler ab 14:20 unterrichtsfrei
Mündliches Abitur / Bac oral
s6: Berufsberatung
s1-s4: Meet Munich Day / Projekttag
s1-s4 Sportfest
s1-s4: Exkursions-/Projekttag im Klassenverband
Theateraufführung "dr.FAUSTus - Goethe vs. Marlowe"
s1-s4 + s6: Unterrichtsfrei
Noteneinsicht für Abiturienten
s5: Aushändigung von Zeugnissen
Letzter Schultag. Zeugnisausgabe an s1-s4 + s6
Proklamation / Überreichung der Abitur-Diplome
Sekretariat geschlossen
Ausgabe von ZVS-Bescheinigungen
Erster Unterrichtstag im Schuljahr 2018/19
s1-s7: Ablauf des 1. Schultages
s1 Elterninfoabend
s2 Elterninfoabend
Klassenlehrerstunde s1-s7
s3 + s4 Elterninfoabend
s5 Elterninfoabend
Tag der deutschen Einheit
Büchermarkt für den guten Zweck
s1-s4: Schülerparty
Tag der offenen Baustelle am Standort Fasangarten
Exkursions- und Projektwoche
MunoM-Konferenz (Model United Nations of Munich)
s5-Fächerwahlinformation für Schüler
Büchermarkt für den guten Zweck
s1-s3 Elternsprechabend und Fächerwahlinformation
s4-s7 Elternsprechabend
s5-Fächerwahlinformation für Eltern
Adventskonzert der Höheren Schule
s5 Semestertests
s6 Semestertests
s7 Prebac / Vorabitur für Art4-Schüler
s7 Prebac / Vorabitur
Tag der Arbeit