Who are we?

The ESM Kindergarten, with its very positive and stimulating climate, is one of the gem stones of our school. The foundation of a European consciousness is laid here.

We are aware that children come to Kindergarten with many skills already acquired. We aim to develop these further and help to equip all children with the necessary competencies they will need for life-long learning. Attention is given to covering not only broad areas of the curriculum such as creative and investigative learning but also to supporting the social and moral growth of the children, giving specific attention to the development of their social skills.

Class teachers work with small groups of children. During these sessions our main aims are for the children to: extend concentration, work independently in a group situation, develop fine motor skills, follow instructions and acquire very basic literary and numerical skills. Free play and teacher directed activities are planned to encourage children to play and work with their friends from different language sections and age groups providing a relaxed and fun way to get to interact appropriately.

Every child will be observed and assessed continually during their time in Kindergarten. These observations are used to highlight any possible needs for concern. If concerns do arise, the class teacher will seek advice from the School's Support Coordinator, but only with full parental consent. Of course problems may appear at different developmental stages in which case, we are also able to offer the children support either in the Kindergarten or ready for their start in the Primary School. Parents will be invited to a meeting with the class teacher twice in an academic year and where the necessity arises, more frequently. Contact and communication between parents and teachers at this early stage is vital to the success of a child's time in Kindergarten.

Transition between the Kindergarten and Primary is a priority. As we are on the same site as the Primary School we are ideally placed to introduce and familiarise our children with the Primary staff and building. In the summer term (May-June), before they start school in September, children visit their new teachers, meet the children in the first class and see their classroom. This will hopefully lead to a successful, smooth and happy transition from Kindergarten to Primary School.