BAC-Proclamation 2019: Congratulations!

The pupils of the upper cycle have been working towards this for a long time: Their school days have come to an end and a new, exciting phase in their lives has begun. For many, apprenticeship, job or university will soon follow. During the proclamation last Friday, 5 July 2019, not only were certificates handed over and the end of the school career celebrated, the pupils were released into the future.

Dressed festively in evening attire, the students moved in to the great applause of all and accompanied by the Big Band of the Secondary School. It showed that 169 successful graduates are quite a lot.

The opening speech of the Director of the European School Munich, Rudolph Ensing, was at the same time his farewell speech. One last time, as every year, he welcomed all graduates in their mother tongue and congratulated them on their great success. Among other things, he recalled the miracle of Pentecost and reminded to also live the generously and respectfully as the students did at the ESM after school. "I am fully confident that you will safeguard and further develop the European spirit that unites us," Ensing told the high school graduates: "I have said it before: all men will be brothers, but we already are!”

Anton Hrovath, the current Director of the Secondary School and future Director of the ESM, also congratulated his graduates warmly. This was followed by speeches by Andreas Beckmann, Deputy Secretary General of the European Schools, Helder Guerreiro, Vice-President of the European Baccalaureate, Maria Castellanos, representative of the European Patent Office, and Jean-Luc Dupuis, representative of the Parents' Association. The Secondary School’s concert choir and orchestra provided the musical atmosphere. After the presentation of the diplomas, the representatives of the various language departments of the BAC class did not hesitate to address their former teachers again. With many humorous anecdotes, they once again reviewed how their experiences at the ESM had shaped them. After the graduation, a reception rounded off the evening.

This year, the proclamation is not only a turning point for the 2019 BAC graduates. With a new director and the new site at Fasangarten, the next chapter also begins for the European School Munich. From now on, graduates will write to their own without the supervision of the school. Wherever the future may lead: Everyone will go their own way with a lot of courage and self-confidence.

The European School Munich wishes everyone the best for this summer and for the time afterwards.