Revealing Autumns Mystery

Warm sunrays provide us with a wonderful Indian summer this October and the autumn shows off its best; the leaves are coloured magnificent shades. With joy and unbelievable endurance, the Kindergarten children gather the treasures of nature: chestnuts, acorns, beechnuts, colourful leaves. This gives us enough material to for creating things and playing.

However, autumn does not only provide us with material for magical decoration, but also with varied stock for the pantry. It is harvest time for apples, pears, nuts, pumpkins, potatoes and more.

In Kindergarten, we were focusing on vegetables. The children proudly presented their already accumulated knowledge, while getting to know new ones and discovering on the decorated tables that some vegetables, including artichokes or a rosaries are very beautiful in shape and colour. With all our senses, we were exploring our food, cooking, tasting, observing and learning about cultivating, growing and harvesting vegetables in vivid books, funny stories and games.

In line with our "Day and Night" theme, we also looked at the vegetables from an entirely different angle. What grows above the earth? What grows under the earth? We learned to distinguish root vegetables from fruit vegetables and also examined food culture from a historical point of view. Appreciating the delicious tuber was not always as self-evident as it is today. There are still so many things to be discovered and the children always enjoy this rich season.

Dear autumn, let it be said to you that even if you bring us cold, wet and gray weather, the children are ready for it!