The Flowers Of Respect

Since the beginning of the new school year, our Kindergarten has again been filled with many little children.

During the last weeks we have been granted late summer sunshine, and now autumn is approaching. However, it also enchants us with its warm colours.

Not only nature brings us much joy, but of course also the radiant faces of the children – the happiness and cheerfulness that they bring to Kindergarten every day. To ensure that this remains the case and our Kindergarten will always be considered a place where the children feel safe and protected, “respect flowers” were made in all groups. With the help of this 5-petalled flower the children learn in a playful way what is important for a good team spirit and they remember:

  • respecting myself
  • respecting other children
  • respecting adults
  • respecting property
  • respecting our environment

Thus, once again, many varied and beautiful flowers of respect blossomed as part of this annually recurring activity that is so close to our hearts. Only those children who feel comfortable, valued and respected can develop, grow and learn.

We wish everyone a good and successful school year!