A Fairy Tale In The Snow

The theme "I am sharing things with you and you with me" was addressed in the Kindergarten groups from the 27th November to 12th December 2017.

Based on the book "A Fairy Tale In The Snow", each group covered this topic individually. In the actual book, something quite ordinary happens: A man loses a glove in the forest in the winter. However, when he finds it later, he has no idea that in the meantime, many animals sought shelter in the glove from the cold. As an introduction, all children watched the story as a "table theatre".

Thereafter, the narrative was intensely reflected in the groups. The theme was also processed creatively by using different techniques, such as painting, printing, felting, gluing and cutting. In the sports' lessons, the story was re-enacted in different movements. The results showed how the very same theme can be expressed differently and individually.

We believe that we succeeded in sensitising the children to the topic of "sharing" and now hope that this will also be implemented in everyday life.