Final spurt in the 5% project

| News Höhere Schule

The Secondary School of the European School Munich has set itself an ambitious goal: In the current month of March, it wants to save resources significantly. Five per cent less electricity, five per cent less water and five per cent less paper compared to other months. There are still nine days left to reach the goal. Everyone can contribute.

Of course, doing without something doesn't sound so nice at first. But the measures that the Eco-Club proposes to achieve the 5% goal can be easily implemented by everyone. You just have to pay a little attention.

5% less electricity

Do lights, computers, projectors and other electrical appliances really have to stay on? At the latest after leaving the classroom, it's time to turn everything off and shut it down.

5% less water

Is a tap dripping? Then you can report it to the caretakers. When washing your hands, you don't always have to turn the tap on full. And when you're done, make sure you turn the tap off properly. Taking shorter showers can also save a lot of water.

5% less paper

It's also good to ask yourself questions before every copy and print. The most important: does it really need to be printed? Or is digital enough? Paper can also be saved by printing double-sided or with a more effective layout, for example by trying to fit more content on one page.

The five per cent project was initiated by two students from S5 and S6. In addition to the ESM, eight other European schools are also participating. The school community was informed at the beginning with posters and emails and invited to participate. The group behind the action also wants to encourage structural energy saving opportunities beyond the survey month. The results of their evaluation are to be presented on Europe Day on 9 May. Of course, we hope to reach the target. But even if the five per cent is not reached, every saving is already a small success on the way to more sustainability.