Europe Day 2019: Panta rhei - Everything flows.

The world is changing and with it the European School in Munich changes, too. This year's Europe Day was marked by change. The occasion for the celebration reminds us of a change: with the declaration of the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman of 9 May 1950, the cooperation of European countries that had been enemies just a few years before begins.

Every Europe Day at the ESM is different, but every year it opens with the same beautiful tradition: the flag dance. So of course this year. For the first time, the primary school pupils also performed a dance with yellow umbrellas. Fortunately the umbrellas were only needed as props, because the weather had changed for the better before: The flags and the students danced in front of a bright blue sky.

As usual, parents could also get a taste of school air during guided tours in the morning. For many pupils and their parents, it will have been the first Europe Day at the ESM. For ESM Director Rudolph Ensing, it was the last Europe Day in this office at the school. He will retire at the end of the school year after nine years of service. "On Europe Day we always hear the song 'Alle Menschen warden Brüder'", says Rudolph Ensing: "When I look at the school, I think we are already brothers and sisters".

There will be a big innovation in the next school year: Some of the younger school children who attend kindergarten and primary school will move into a new school building at Fasangarten. The new school could already be visited as a model, a stand informed about the new location. Again and again interested parents asked about the transport of their children to the Fasangarten. This is organised by the parents' representation of the ESM.

Also the ceremony and panel discussion had a change-related topic: The digitization. The pupils of the sixth and seventh grades had invited an expert in the field for discussion. Mrs Nellie Simon, Vice-President of the European Patent Office, came to the school as the guest of honour. After a speech on the many changes associated with digitisation, she had a lively discussion with the students. It turned out that the ESM students were already thinking deeply about the digital future and their own use of smartphones and social media and that they represent very different opinions.

Europe Day was celebrated this year not only at the European School in Munich, but also in Munich's centre, Marienplatz. In the afternoon the acrobatic and choreographic workshop of the ESM showed impressive artistry on the big stage at the Marienplatz - Europe in motion, in the literal sense.

Already on Monday a concert of the European Hours of the elementary school took place. The European Hours also presented the students' projects in an exhibition in the Erasmus room. The Kindergarden invited to a European buffet with singing.

At the end of the day the key changed several times. The sports hall was filled with music of the choir, the big band and the ensembles of the primary and secondary school to a successful conclusion.