Healthy food with the organic bread box

| News Grundschule

All first graders received a healthy snack in an organic bread box on 17 October. The reusable bread boxes with matching water bottles contained products from organic farming, such as slices of different types of bread, plum puree, a fresh carrot and cheese. There was also a booklet, in which children can playfully learn a lot about healthy eating. In the classrooms, the schoolchildren later occupied themselves with the nutrition pyramid for a long time. They made their own vegetable pictures based on the model of the Milan painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and ate a healthy breakfast together.

The Munich organic bread box campaign is under the patronage of Munich's mayor Dieter Reiter and the Bavarian Education Minister Professor Dr. Michael Piazolo. It clearly shows what a healthy school breakfast can look like and helps to sharpen ecological awareness and communicate it in a fun way. In this way, children can be sensitised from the first year of school to ensure a healthy diet. Eating together is not only a social ritual, but also an environmental and health issue and can be seen as part of a social responsibility towards sustainable food production.