Autumnal Treasures

On the 15th November 2018, the big day finally arrived! Since the middle of October, the Kindergarten children had been busy cooking, painting, planting and singing in preparation for our amazing Autumn Market. Each group decided what they could make to sell.

As the Kindergarten’s topic this year is “The Farm”, we talked a lot about what farmers grow to feed us and what we can do to preserve the food when we have an abundance after the harvest. Some groups dried their fruit, some turned it into jam, and others took the motif of apples as inspiration to decorate tea towels and shopping bags.

There were many creative treasures on display with autumnal colours all around! It goes without saying that there was a fantastic café, supported by our ever generous parents, filled with all manner of delicious autumnal flavoured goodies.

The afternoon started perfectly, with lots of autumnal songs for the parents to enjoy in all of the Kindergarten’s main section languages. The children were incredible and performed with such gusto that they even earned an encore!

As the market was taking place so close to St Martin’s day, we decided to add a charitable twist to our day. All the money raised will go to “Gut Aiderbichl”, which looks after retired farm animals. The children are so excited to be raising money to care for them and even more excited to know that we will visit the farm near Starnberg in the new year. We will be able to see the animals we have helped and see how the children’s hard work has made their lives better.

An enormous thank you goes to the parents, staff and of course the Kindergarten children for making this event so special.

We are very pleased to announce that we raised a staggering €985 from the children’s stalls and €420 from the Parents’ Cafe. 

For information about the “Gut Aiderbichl”, please click here!

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