Sustainable Europe

Sustainable development, especially concerning the environment, should not only be an issue for the whole of Europe, but needs also to be implemented in everyday life. For more than a year now, the European School Munich has been working very hard to make the pupils and the entire school community aware of sustainability through numerous projects and activities. The "environmental school" award that the ESM received is a great success and a result of the efforts, but also a mandate to continue on our path. That is why we dedicated this year's Europe Day on the 9th May to sustainable development. In addition to the usual Europe Day programme, there were a number of events regarding this important and future-oriented subject.

The day started off with the swinging of all European flags to the sound of the European anthem, adapted from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".

In Kindergarten a buffet was opened the day before for the children and their parents. A market was organised on Europe Day itself.

In the Primary School, parents were able to visit classes. A project day on the subject of "sustainability" was held for all pupils. In addition, students were able to take part in the workshop "Works of art made of waste" with the artist Raffaele Corniagga. The exhibition of the European Hour groups was on display in the Erasmus room.

In the Secondary School, parents were shown around by students in groups through the school building and were given the chance to visit lessons. At first, a philosophical theatre play about Leonardo da Vinci was performed in the Europahalle. Afterwards, the students watched a short film on the topic "environment", followed by a discussion. Finally, a lecture on climate change and sustainability was held in the Monnet room.

In the morning, book sale for a good cause was held and information about the project "Eco-Island" was on display. During the long break, there was "solar cooking" in the inner courtyard and in the cafeteria there was musical entertainment provided.

The European Union faces many challenges, including climate protection, the expansion of renewable energies and organic farming. This day proved once again that the most important issues regarding the future of Europe are not just abstract thoughts in our school, but actively tackled. In this way, the visions of a smart and sustainable European society can be further developed together.