Autumn Is So Colourful

When the leaves of the trees are changing colour, the days are getting shorter and the sun rays are not as warm anymore, then autumn starts.

In the month of October 2018, the Kindergarten children had intensively worked on this seasonal theme this season and prepared the autumn market. They harvested potatoes and carrots that they had grown in spring.

The groups took a closer look at the fruits of autumn and made food out of it.

  • - apple chips
  • - various apple cakes
  • - stewed apples
  • - oil with herbs
  • - potato with oil/curd chees

Of course, knowledge about our body is also part of the experience. What does the body need? A healthy diet is very important. The nutrition pyramid helps the children to recognise what amount of food items they should eat. The visit of the dentist supported this topic. The children learned the technique of brushing their teeth and know what happens when they eat too much sweets.

Autumn is also addressed in a creative manner in Kindergarten, encouraging children to draw, do handicrafts or to print. The children have already been preparing the autumn market in November, producing autumn products, which they then will present to their parents.

In addition to these activities, the preschool children started with the “Afternoon Workshops” and the preschool work. Some groups have already been to the Primary School’s library to have a look at and/or borrow books on our autumn theme.

In addition, all children learned and repeated the rules to be observed in the play yard in a “Respect Assembly” in order to turn this “Respect Assembly” into a tradition in our Kindergarten. At the beginning of each month, the children will be shown respect skills in a short sketch.

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