Donations for Ukrainian partner school

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The European School Munich has been in active exchange with the Sheptytsky School in Lviv, Ukraine, for many years. The school of the Salesians of Don Bosco, named after Blessed Klymentiy Sheptytsky, was also supported by donations from the ESM's Outreach Programme. In view of the current situation in Ukraine, Lviv has become a transit station for refugees. The ESM therefore appealed for donations for the partner school and the associated orphanage. More than 41,000 euros in cash donations and 150 moving boxes filled with food, medical supplies and hygiene products, as well as more than 50 sleeping bags and about 20 cots were collected.

The money and the donations in goods will benefit the partner school in Lviv through the Don Bosco community. The commitment and willingness to donate of the entire school community is a great sign of solidarity and compassion for people in Ukraine. The school management of the European School Munich would like to thank all donors and helpers for their commitment.

The ESM's Outreach Programme is led by teacher Isabella Podkowa and coordinates the ESM's various charity activities, including this donation campaign. In addition to the opportunity to contribute directly financially and drop off donations in kind, it had also organised a donation kiosk with cakes during the break. Various classes and groups at the ESM also contributed. For example, the participants of the UN simulation game MunoM (Model United Nations of Munich) organised a cake sale, 90 per cent of the proceeds of which went to the collection for the Scheptyzkyj partner school and 10 per cent to the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR. At the primary school, among other things, handmade postcards could be purchased for a donation during the "Postcards for Peace" campaign. To give the pupils in Lviv a little joy in addition to the necessary relief supplies, the members of the outreach programme also made Easter nests, which will now also find their way to Ukraine.

The proceeds from the Outreach Programme's and other groups donation kiosks that will be held in the near future will also benefit our Ukrainian partner school. The Outreach Programme can still be supported directly. The war in Ukraine is also addressed by ESM educational staff in lessons in an age-appropriate way.


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