Let The Activities Begin!

Workshops offer children the opportunity to experiment and learn in a playful way. On the 26th September 2017, the children in the Kindergarten started their afternoon workshops. For some who were at kindergarten last year and now are preschoolers, it was finally their turn to go to all the different courses and discover what happens in Sport, Art and all the other groups.

The preschool children were divided into seven groups with mixture of all five classes. These groups remain constant through the year, giving the children to make friendships with children from the other classes. It also gives the children the opportunity to visit different classrooms and be taught by different teachers. This is part of our preparation for our children going to the primary school who will have different teachers during the day for second language, sport, religion etc. It allows our children to practice changing groups and teachers in a small way so that are ready for "big" school.

The different courses are: Sport, Art, German, French, English, Music and Games. All of the courses are taught through German, except for English and French. This gives the children an awareness of languages other than their own and a feel for working through a different language.

The younger children are also kept busy. They are in two groups organised by floors. "Les Etoiles" and the "Regenbogen" group are together downstairs. Whilst the "Busy Bees", "Los Girasoles" and the "Eichhörnchen" are upstairs. These also have an opportunity to meet new children and find new friends.

A fun and exciting way to learn and make new friends.