Preparing For Christmas

There were three highlights in Kindergarten within a very short time. On the 5th December, Sinterklaas, the Dutch St. Nicholas, visited the children in Kindergarten, accompanied by his two helpers were the "Zwarte Pieten". The children listened carefully to what he had to report. They were quite amazed at all the things written in his big red book. St. Nicholas from the Netherlands knew how the children had behaved in the past year, what they had done great, but also what they could improve.

A very special highlight was the Advent celebration on the 12th December in the festively decorated sports hall. All Kindergarten children performed songs as part of short plays in different languages, much to the delight of their parents, grandparents and the Director of the Primary School and kindergarten, Dana Pavličíková as well as the ESM Director, Rudolph Ensing. For the first time, a small ESM-Kindergarten choir performed; the SWALS children sang the song "Jingle Bells" in different languages. After this colourful programme, the Christmas buffet was opened, which had been provided by the parents.

On the 13th December, the children from the Swedish and Danish sections got everyone in a festive mood. They introduced the children to the tradition of the Swedish festival of light - "Santa Lucia" - by singing songs, reciting poems and wearing traditional clothing. The children's eyes were all aglow and shone in the light of the candles; making the children feel the magic of Christmas.

We are looking forward to the festive season!