Outreach Programme

The charitable purpose of the ESM Outreach Programme consists of helping services and providing assistance. In addition, this programme promotes initiatives that aim to build up contacts and forms of exchange with the local community as well as people from countries in- and outside the European Union.

Participating in the Outreach Programme represents a valuable and enriching aspect of learning and growing up; enabling students to put their resilience and adaptability to test, as well as to develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility and identity. Taking part in this programme will foment knowledge building, sharing of information, organising fundraising events and personal exchange; all of which help to bridge the gap that divides cultures and nations.

The basic focus is on social aspects: promoting friendships, understanding and mutual support across borders and continents and demonstrating a willingness to learn from people who grow up in a context different than the European School.

The programme is part of the extra-curriculum projects of the school, providing students with a wide range of charity and cultural activities in addition to their academic work. It also fosters their social and emotional skills on an intercultural level, as well as promoting community sense and global understanding, all essential skills enabling the students to become balanced, inquiring and open-minded individuals and creative problem-solvers.

The Parents' Association and the ESM founded the "Förderkreis ESM. e.V". The registered booster club manages the donated funds of all existing charity projects in school and its members are entitled to vote on new projects for which financial funds are required.

The Outreach Programme is divided into three parts, defined by the projects' regional focus:

  • ESM meets Bavaria
  • ESM meets Europe
  • ESM meets the world
ESM meets Bavaria

The "ESM meets Bavaria" Outreach Programme projects have a regional focus.

Salberghaus - Putzbrunn
The Salberghaus in Putzbrunn near Munich offers in- and outpatient services as well as day care centres for children as young as two weeks old up to 10 year-olds. It focuses on their therapeutic and personal development, while at the same time providing shelter for children and support to families. The ESM donates the entire proceeds of a specially organised Christmas bazar to this institution.

Refugee initiative
War, persecution or destruction of livelihoods forces countless people to flee their home countries. Also in and around Munich, refugees are accommodated in camps. Setting an example of charity and support, groups of students and teachers collected material goods and presents for refugee children and handed them over personally in the centres. During their visit, they had the opportunity to talk to young refugees or to play football with them. Through direct contact with refugees, the students are able to get a perspective on the social dimension of the refugee problem and at the same time realise, which major economic task (related to class room teaching) lies behind tackling the inflows of refugees, but also what hidden potential they bring along.

ESM meets Europe

The "ESM meets Europe" Outreach Programme projects have a focus on countries of the European Union.

High School "Blessed Clementii and Andrei Sheptytskyi" - Ukraine
This school has 200 students from both high and low socio-economic strata. In the past, it participated in the international, interdisciplinary partnership project PLATO, including an exchange with the ESM. Due to lack of financial funding, the facilities and equipment of the school are in poor condition. Donations from the ESM can help to improve the sports' ground, to stock up the equipment in the natural science department and to do general maintenance work.

Stromboli - Italy
The non-profit association "Scuola in mezzo al mare" (School in the middle of the sea) organises activities for students on the small, southern Italian volcanic island of Stromboli when their classes are cancelled due to bad weather conditions or when a passage to a school on the mainland or on an adjacent island is not possible. The 600 island residents founded this association to build a network of volunteers who organise workshops for cancelled classes, such as painting, creative writing, theatre, pottery, as well as excursions in the area. With donations, generated by class projects, the ESM supports this education initiative.

ESM meets the World

The "ESM meets the World" Outreach Programme projects have a global focus.

LaunchPad Project - South Africa
A "LaunchPad" is a shipping container, equipped with computers and online connectivity, providing mainly orphaned children in South Africa access to education and mentoring through Internet communication. This initiative was founded by the non-profit organisation Infinite Family. The online mentors, adults from all over the world, teach children via Skype, for example standard subjects such as English and mathematics, but also help them to develop their social skills further. Before being paired with a child, mentors are subject to background checks, technological tutorials and cultural seminars, covering mourning, HIV and developing relationships through e-mail. The ESM supports this organisation through fundraising events to finance the technical equipment required as well as by recruiting online mentors.

Lahore Grammar School - Pakistan
The Lahore Grammar School in Pakistan is one of PASCH-schools (Schulen: Partner der Zukunft) appointed by the German cultural institute (Goethe-Institut) and also a partner school of the ESM. Regular Skype sessions are held between students from here and there. The aim is to introduce teenagers to each other from two very different parts of the world, enabling them to have informal conversations about their lives, their interests and hobbies as well as their everyday school life. In this way, tolerance for others and friendships across cultures are promoted. Prior to Skype sessions, a presentation about the country, the people, the culture and the school system are held in classes. This project does not require funding.

Blink Now - Nepal
Blink Now is a NGO that provides education and shelter for orphaned, impoverished and at-risk children in Surkhet, Nepal. The house is a home to 50 children from a disadvantaged background. The school serves students from nursery to primary and early secondary education. The clinic offers essential primary care, dental treatment and mental health services. The women's centre provides job training and education for women, including a counselling centre, microloan programme and a retail shop. The ESM supports this NGO by means of donations.

Nkosi's Haven - South Africa
Nkosi's Haven is a recognised NGO in South Africa that has been in operation since 1999 offering holistic care and support for destitute HIV/AIDS infected mothers, her children, and resulting AIDS orphans. It provides a care facility and residency for about 180 HIV infected mothers and their children. The ESM raises money to help to build an onsite preschool.