Embracing The European Spirit!

Connectedness, cultural exchange, friendship across borders and linguistic diversity are not only empty concepts in the European School Munich, but an everyday reality. With nearly 2,500 pupils from all EU Member States studying in different language sections and interacting everyday in a multilingual and cultural diverse environment, Europe develops on a small scale.

On the 9th May 2017, the Day of Europe - a symbol of peace and cooperation - the ESM not only celebrated Europe, but also the school's 40th anniversary. The activity programme was almost as diverse as our little Europe itself.

Already one day before, the Primary School set the right mood. Groups of the European Hours organised a concert and opened the Europe exhibition. In addition, parents were able to gain insights into everyday school life, especially into classroom teaching.

The 9th May started with the swinging of all European flags to the sound of the European anthem, adapted from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", followed by the hoisting of the flag with the emblem "We celebrate 40 years of ESM: 1977-2017".

In the Secondary School, parents were shown around by students in groups through the school building. As guest of honour, the ESM welcomed EU parliamentarian Professor Angelika Niebler, who discussed political issued relation to Europe with year 6 and 7 Secondary School students.

In the Kindergarten there was a film screening about Europe.

There is no need to get the school community of the ESM enthusiastic about Europe. On a daily basis, students and teachers alike experience the interplay of different cultures, languages and mentalities. But even if we continue to hold up the European flag at the ESM, a happy ending is not yet in sight in currently crisis-stricken Europe! It is all the more important to examine both playfully and through activities and discussion the theme of "Europe". This is how it becomes once again evident how creative, diverse, and cosmopolitan the European Union really is.

Long live the European spirit!