We Are Celebrating 40 Years Of ESM

The school was founded in 1977, at the same time as the European Patent Office in Munich, and at their request. It was initially housed in the Lycée Français in the Berlepschstraße and moved into the buildings on the current Neuperlach site in 1981.

Due to the rapidly growing number of pupils, new facilities and buildings had been in need over the decades, leading to the construction of the Europabau, the Primary School silver star and the Eureka building. With pupil numbers still increasing, the Annex building at Fasangarten is currently being built and it is estimated that it will be ready for occupation in 2019. Once construction is completed, both the Kindergarten and the Primary School will be housed there.

The ESM has developed as a school, which enjoys educating the young Europeans of Munich. Therefore, we are grateful to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ESM this year. However, due to the building situation, we have to postpone the main celebration till 2019, when our Annex building is scheduled to be ready, but at various occasions, "Europatag" on the 9th May 2017 to start with, we will celebrate this happy occasion in a more modest way.

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