Who are we?

One of the most important challenges of the Primary School is to guarantee the quality of teaching and education and to allow each pupil to reach their potential while the school continues to expand.

We acknowledge that pupils come to us with a wide variety of learning styles, academic abilities, linguistic and cultural experiences; our mission is to challenge and inspire children to reach their potential and develop their own voices within a collaborative community that values distinct contributions and abilities. We aim to create a successful and carefully resourced environment that encourage children to develop a lively enquiring mind and disciplined life helping our pupils to become confident learners and problem solvers in this cutting-edge world.

In addition to academics, the social climate of the school, in and out of class, encourages the development of international understanding, commitment to community service and cooperation with diverse cultures.

The Primary School aims to develop in each pupil an awareness of his or her intellectual, artistic and personal preferences and an understanding of his or her history. The school believes in the development of each pupil's intellectual curiosity and is committed to academic excellence.

For this reason our Primary School seeks to provide a learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive allowing all cultures within our school community to achieve their personal best and to become responsible global citizens.

The Primary School community has always shown great commitment and a lot of effort has been made by all those involved to adapt to space and facilities, to improve and create more flexibility in room usage and ensure the best possible learning environment in which our pupils can achieve the pedagogical aims. We seek to provide the teaching-learning conditions necessary for pupils to develop their skills in their dominant language while at the same time ensuring and sustaining the language standard of the section at a high level in order to cover the demands and competences foreseen in the European Schools' programme.

Differentiation is a key element of the concept of the European School Munich and is laid down in the school policy documents and visible in the teaching and learning process in the classes school on a day-to-day-basis. We recognise that each child is unique and significant; therefore we respect and build positive relationships with children encouraging them to know themselves and to build up a positive self-esteem. The heterogeneity of the groups, which is also at the heart of European Schools' concept, can be very challenging for both pupils and teachers; our aim is to help our pupils to develop their full potential and the results are very rewarding.

Both the Primary and Secondary School put a lot of efforts into the transition process and into the integration of new pupils. Various projects and initiatives are carried out also in the Primary School to ensure open communication and exchange of good practice between and across the different classes and language sections. Special activities are foreseen and carried out to accompany our Primary School pupils to move to the Secondary School to guarantee a positive and smooth transition between the primary and the secondary cycles.

In the Primary School pupils of the 3rd, 4th and 5th years attend once a week the "European Hours" which offer both pupils and teachers a unique opportunity to gain intercultural experiences. Through the various projects and courses offered, pupils have the opportunity to experience different learning methods while at the same time developing European awareness.

The overall theme of the European Hours lessons changes every year and specific courses are offered such as theatre, choir, orchestra, dances and "Euro Kids News", the pupils' magazine. The performing art courses then present their results at various school events.

With motivation, beliefs, commitment and good will, pupils, teachers, administrative staff, parents, as well as many others, make the Primary School alive and dynamic and help to achieve, year after year, the high standards and quality that is visible all around.