The child-care service "Rund um die Familie" (all about family) specialises on work-life balance and offers, in cooperation with the Parents' Association, after school care for children in both Kindergarten and Primary School, years 1 - 4, in the "Garderie". It represents an extra curricula activity of the European School Munich, as children are offered a complementary programme to the daily schedule in Kindergarten and/or regular classes in Primary School.

Children are given stimulating and needs-based care, consisting of creative pursuits, physical activities and free play, which is tailored to the specific dispositions and situations. Taking into account the individuality of each child, learning social skills and deepening German language skill are the main focus.

For further information about child care schedule, school holiday activities, fees, concept, application process, contact details and much more, please visit the website of the R.U.F. or the Parents' Association (see link box).