As part of the European Hours, the Primary School offers year 5 pupils of the ESM a half-year course in editorial work of the Primary School pupils' magazine. The magazine "EurokidsNews" reports both on in-school and current topics as well as popular general themes. Three to four times a year, a print edition of the newspaper is published, which is then distributed to all third to fifth year pupils of the Primary School.

The young journalists come from all language sections submit articles in different languages. An editorial team, whose members frequently change, suggests topics for each issue, which are then worked on in small groups. There are regular meetings between these small groups and the editor in charge, in which the edited articles are evaluated. It is the responsibility of the "EurokidsNews" reporters to stick to a precise schedule.

Through this approach, pupils not only learn how to research topics and to write articles, but they also engage in the individual steps of the editorial and the project planning process on a small scale. The pupils learn to assume responsibility and to deal with negative feedback, which requires a certain level of frustration tolerance and the ability to cope with criticism. To form and express opinions is an important skill that pupils can obtain in the editorial work of the pupils' magazine. Pupils learn how to distinguish between a piece of information and their own point of view.

In addition, working for the school's newspaper marks one of the first steps in acquiring media competence. At the beginning of each course, the children are introduced to the responsible use of the Internet and its data. The overall design concept of the print edition is devised by the teachers, though the individual layout of the articles, including graphic material, are largely adopted or only slightly adjusted.