Bye Kindergarten - Hello School

The first day of school is not just a special day for children but also for their parents as a new phase in life begins! As in German schools, it is custom at the ESM that children on their first day of school carry a “Schultüte”, a cone-shaped carton, filled with small gifts such as stationary items, lucky charms, and snacks.

To give due importance to this significant event, an official welcoming ceremony with speeches by Rudolph Ensing, the ESM Director, and Alexia Giannakopoulou, the new Director of the Kindergarten and Primary School, as well as musical performances by the older Primary School pupils was held on the 4th September 2018. As a gift of welcome, Alexia Giannakopoulou presented each class with a small olive tree, which can be planted at the end of the school year at the new location of the Primary School, at Fasangarten. She explained: “These olive trees are symbolic. Just like your children will look after these trees, we in this school will look after your children, with the greatest love and care. We will respect all children and adapt to their individual characteristics and differences. We will help them grow, develop strong roots, flourish just like flowers and gradually unfold their talents and develop their full potential.”

Thereafter, the first-year children walked to their classrooms to attend their first lesson, carrying creatively designed “Schultüten”, cone-shaped cartons, filled with small gifts, and being accompanied by encouraging cheers of parents and grandparents.

Confronted by new faces, new classrooms, an unknown daily routine, most children find the bustle of the first school day very exciting. After all, they are inquisitive, very keen to learn and have long looked forward to their first day at school.

Enjoy the experience!