Pro Cyclists In The Making

In order to adequately prepare children for cycling on their own, diverse skills, such as keeping one’s balance, reacting quickly and controlling the body have to be trained. It takes time to learn how to cycle properly and safely. Therefore, children should be introduced to complex traffic situations step by step.

How should a bike look like that meets all safety standards? What criteria must be observed when crossing roads? Why is it so important to wear bicycle helmets? How does one react to traffic signals? How to make a left turn correctly? This and much more, all year 5 Primary School children learned during the Youth Bicycle Training, which was held between the 17th September and 25th October 2018. Two police officers brought a truck load of approximately 20 bicycles and gave the pupils proper instructions, enabling them to practice on the schoolyard how to cycle safely. The four to five training sessions lead to the final cycling test. This test presents a great challenge to pupils. It is not always easy for all children to pass this difficult exam the first time. If they fail, they have the possibility to repeat, which they normally then also take to pass. Simultaneously to the practical training sessions, the theoretical part with a final examination is covered in the classroom.

Once the fifth year pupils have passed the theoretical and practical exams, they feel proud of becoming well-versed as well as officially certified road users. They are then very well prepared to apply the acquired knowledge in real-life traffic situations.