Looking Behind The Construction Scene

In less than one year, all of our nearly 800 Primary School pupils will be reading, writing, doing maths, sports, creative activities and many more things at the European School Munich’s second site. However, the new school in the former American residential area next to the “Perlacher Forst”, is still rather dusty, pipes are hanging from the ceiling and building material is standing everywhere. All interested students, teachers, parents and residents were able to take a look behind the scenes at the construction site on the 21st October 2018 when the State Building Authority Munich 1 organised a “Construction Site Open Day”.

The organiser of the event, which took place on the construction site at the Fasangarten, was the State Building Authority Munich. In addition to members of the European School Munich, numerous representatives from the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Construction, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the European Patent Office and the owner of the property, the Federal Agency for Real Estate as well as the architects from the office léonwohlhage were present.

After welcoming speeches, Rudolph Ensing, Director of the ESM, thanked all those who participated in this project. The highlight was the performance of the acrobatics group, depicting the theme of Europe. The group consisted of Secondary School students and marked a dynamic and lively prelude to the event.

Afterwards, visitors were able to participate in twelve half-hour tours – expertly accompanied by representatives of the State Building Office Munich 1 as well as the site management, the architect’s office in charge and the European School Munich – receiving information on the current expansion of the school complex with kindergarten, primary school and sports hall.

In addition, visitors were able to learn more about the projects and initiatives for the new federal government building at various stands of the participating state institutions and the European School Munich in the entrance hall and cafeteria area.

At the new site, children of all Member States are going to attend school. They will not only acquire knowledge about their own language and culture, but also about other countries, which together form the culture of Europe. On a daily basis, they will learn to live together in order to maintain a united and peaceful Europe.

© Text partly based on date notification from the Staatliches Bauamt München 1.