Milestone Achieved

Many exciting and educational years mark the career of every child in our Primary School. They learn how to read, write and to do maths, and also take part in competitions, go to the "Landschulheim", play theatre or sing in a choir and many more things. And one day they are at the gateway to enter Secondary School. This was the case on the 3rd July 2018, when the fifth-years were given an official farewell and entertained by a colourful programme.

In the last year of German public primary schools, parents and teachers have to make an important decision - the transition to one of the three different types of secondary schools. This decision is not easy as each child's individual development, talents and accomplishments have to be assessed and taken into account. Such a decision does not need to be made in the European School Munich as the European Schools system is based on a comprehensive school concept. In line with this concept, the primary cycle is completed after year 5 and the transition to secondary school is held at the same school. Nevertheless, this transition symbolises a fundamental milestone in the child's school career.

The extensive and varied programme ranged from speeches by Dana Pavličíková, Director of Kindergarten and Primary School, as well as Anton Hrovath, Director of the Secondary School, to musical contributions of the Primary School's choir, led by Julie Plugge, as well as the Primary School's orchestra and wind ensemble, led by Kasia Moskwa, to dance acts by Paula Bellingacci's dance group, to the ceremonial presentation of the certificates to all year 5 Primary School pupils.

A worthy celebration of the new crucial stage of our Primary School children's life!