Something Tasty For The Break

Organic lunch boxes, containing healthy snacks, were distributed to all first-year Primary School pupils on the 18th October 2018. These reusable lunch boxes with matching plastic drinking bottles contained organic products such as slices of different types of bread, jam, a raw carrot, cheese, jelly bears and a booklet, in which children could playfully learn about healthy eating. In the classrooms the children were then allowed to taste their snacks from certified organic production. In addition, the topic of a healthy diet was covered in class.

This initiative aims at making children understand the origins of food and the value of healthy nutrition. Dieter Reiter, the patron of this initiative is a passionate advocate of the classical sandwich: “It can be prepared easily and by oneself. It can be made according to one’s own taste, and, above all, it is nutritious and increases the ability to concentrate and enhances performance levels”. Shortly after the start of school, the “organic lunch box” initiative sets an example for a healthy diet. It demonstrates how a healthy school snack could look like and raises awareness about organic products in a fun way. In this way, the year 1 children can be made aware of paying attention to a healthy diet and to view it as part of a holistic approach to life.

Eating food is not only a shared ritual, but also an environmental and health issue and may also be viewed as part of a social responsibility regarding sustainable food production.