Bringing Europeans Together

Whether its gaining new perspectives, foreign language learning, job opportunities or volunteering, the possibilities of the Erasmus programme are very diverse. From Erasmus to Erasmus+, this mobility programme is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

This programme has different objectives, such as the exchange of good practices among schools, the use of information and communication technologies or sharing experiences about different topics. The Secondary School has already taken part in one of these programmes in the and now it is the turn for the Primary School. Teachers will have the opportunity of exchanging experiences with their "colleagues" from schools in different countries, including Greece, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Spain. As a result, some of our students will take part in activities related with the project which is called "E-m@ti-on" and its name has a lot to do with the main objectives in the programme:

  • improve mathematical competences
  • increase technological abilities
  • enhance English language skills
  • sharing good practices related to social awareness

As regards the first two, computing and programming activities will take place as for example the Robotics course in the European Hours or working with Scratch, a visual programming language, enabling users to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. Thus, the project focuses more on the older Primary School children.

In relation with the last ones, English will be used among teachers and students and work in group will have an important role in order to develop social skills and conflict resolution.

This three-year project will have a website (still under construction) to be followed up and is supported in Germany by the "Kultusminister Konferenz" through the National Agency.

We are looking forward to another Erasmus+ success story!